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Welcome to the Juice of Life Blog

Posted on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the Juice of Life blog. I’m Tom Long, author of the book, The Juice of Life.  In my book I shared the ten most important lessons I almost learned in my first fifty years.  In my book, as in life, I try to deal with reality as it is, not the way I wish it were.  We have to face the role of God as He is (not as we wish He were); the flawed nature of ourselves and others; the amazing opportunities and responsibilities which God makes available to us; and the incredible wonders of cultures and nature.  In a world where it is so easy for me to focus on me and be blinded to the great vast beyond, I find there is benefit in a community that reminds me to look upward and outward.

It would be so great if this little blog could do a bit of that in our lives.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this forum to remind me and our readers of the bigger picture.  I’ll try to do the same for you.